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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede and other Fun Stuff

Today was a lazy day. We woke up this morning and had our breakfast and then headed out to the pool. We packed cold beer in a cooler, some snacks, and the phase10 card game. We swam played cards and enjoyed the weather and the company.It was so nice to just relax and enjoy the day. We have been on a constant go ever since my sister arrived here. Yet there is still so much to do and see that it will be impossible to see everything there is here in just one visit.
George and Kathy are going into the pool in this picture.
In this picture Kathy is doing something in the pool not quite sure, maybe she is getting ready to go under water.

Last night we went to Ryan's for dinner. Wow what a great dinner! We even got a Ryan's to go for the dogs. Myrtle Beach something for everyone, gotta love it.

Tonight we marinated a pork tenderloin and put it on the BBQ spit. We are going to make a little rice and maybe a vegetable. Simple and delicious!

Two nights ago on the 19th we went to the Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede Dinner Show. Wow it was great! We were all seated in a big arena. Audience participation made it a lot of fun. We were divided into two groups the North and the South. We were the South, and the North won. Oh well maybe next time. The show had beautiful horses, cute little miniature ponies, and even a pig race with tiny baby pigs. The dinner was served to us by wait staff dressed in uniform, and we had no utensils to eat our dinner with. We had to eat it with our hands. We had soup, chicken, pork tenderloin, corn on the cob, a bisquit and an apple turnover for dessert. Everyone gets the same dinner.
We were not allowed to take pictures, however I did manage to sneak a few.

Kathy on our way into the dinner.

This was Martin, he was our waiter.
This picture came out real blurry but it was Dolly singing and the horses and riders were all lit up. It was beautiful!

This was also taken at the end of the show. I took them at the end just in case they kicked me out. haha

After the show we went to Broadway at the Beach. We walked around until around midnight. We went in some shops and stopped to have an ice cream.

A beautiful ending to a beautiful day.

This is taken at Broadway at the beach. We were already so tired.

We also watched something else real cool. There are people in these bubbles. they put them in the bubble and float them on the water. It is so funny to watch them fall over and roll and try to stand up. We only got through about half of Broadway at the beach, we still need to go back.

Monday, August 16, 2010

New Myrtle Beach Boardwalk a hit with us.

We started yesterday out with breakfast at the Golden Corral. We know how important breakfast is so we thought we might get a good one at the Corral. Ohhhh and a good breakfast we did have! As we rolled ourselves away from the table and out of the restaurant we decided we better get in some walking. So if we were gonna walk then we surely needed some new shoes to walk in. Great logic eh? So it was off to the Tanger Outlet Mall.

We Shopped till we dropped....

After finding some real nice sandals, and a few real nice shirts in Old Navy, it was off to the bargain souvenir shops. Myrtle has Many of these shops. There is one on every corner. Kathy found a beautiful bathing suit in one of these shops.

It sure is hot in Myrtle Beach this time of year. We were hot and tired from shopping. So we thought we would stop and take a break.

We stopped at Dirty Don's on 21st Street. It's one of three bars in a row. A nice place to get a cold beer or some great food. We could sit out side facing the street and relax, talk, and just people watch.....ahhhh

Nothing nicer than a cold beer on a hot day.

and...nothing nicer than enjoying it with family.

Now that our shopping was done we needed to think about supper.

We decided we would go to Captain George's for an all you can eat seafood buffet.

The sea food at this Restaurant is Delicious. The She-Crab soup here is one of the best, but the crab legs and hot butter are also sooo good I couldn't stop eating them. My white shirt ended up with butter all down the front of it. The damn crab leg slipped right out of my hand and down the front of my shirt. I hope I can get it out.

This is the inside of Captain George's Restaurant. It looks like a big ship. it is actually beautiful inside.

Me and Kathy (my sister) after dinner in front of Captain George's Restaurant.

After dinner we went to the Brand New Boardwalk.....Although there were a lot of people and traffic, it still wasn't as busy as Saturday night. On Saturday night we drove down Ocean Blvd. but didn't stop to see the boardwalk.

The people and traffic were just too much. The cops were in force and they weren't fooling around.

They had cars stopped and they had people in hand cuffs against the cars.

It looked like a scene from cops. They were everywhere!

Uhh, Bad boys bad boys watcha gonna do when they come for you? ......Filmed live in Myrtle Beach. I LOVED IT!

Sunday was just beautiful to go down and see it. The Boardwalk had a lot of people, but not insane like Saturday night. It was so beautiful! HATS OFF TO MYRTLE BEACH! What a beautiful job on the boardwalk.

We parked the truck and off we went to explore this beautiful area.

This picture is us parked against a palm tree. George did some fancy parking.

Now it is off to see the Boardwalk...
This is Ocean blvd. My favourite street here in Myrtle Beach. Just through this parking lot and on to the boardwalk.

This is the Boardwalk. It runs along the ocean.

The palm trees are are all lit up with rope lights. It is so beautiful at night.

Kathy still wanting to shop at one of the boardwalk shops.

This is the Ocean along the boardwalk. It truly is beautiful. The City of Myrtle Beach did a beautiful job on this.

pier 9 at the Boardwalk.
With all the walking we did we had to stop for another beer. We went here to the Bowery to have a beer and listen to the music. It is world famous since 1944, and is home to Alabama. 8th wonder of the world, Alabama first started playing here. Love the Canadian Flag.

George and Kathy enjoying the band. It is so nice to sit out along the ocean and just relax. Wow how beautiful.

we were so tired from such a long day. On the way home the Hot light was on and we just couldn't resist.......Oh had to stop for those red hot Krispy Kreme's.
Today will be a stay at the camp and relax day. Kathy and I will probably ride the bikes around the park and just go swimming.

My Sister Visits Myrtle Beach

On Saturday August 14th we picked up my sister at the Myrtle Beach Airport. I was so excited, I couldn't wait to see her. It is so wonderful to visit with a family member after all this time on the road. We arrived at the airport for a 5:30 pm arrival. After waiting around for awhile and checking on her plane, we find out that her flight was delayed. The flight will now be arriving 8:50 pm. So we left the airport and went to Glinda and Stan's house for dinner. Glinda made a beautiful supper for us. She made plans for all of us to go to her house after we picked up my sister at the airport. We were gonna eat, swim, drink, and be Merry. Unfortunately those plans didn't work out when the plane was delayed. After George and I ate our supper we went back to the airport to wait. Finally there she was.

In this picture the passengers are getting off the plane on the tarmac. I love getting off the plane this way, it feels so tropical to me.
After a long day she finally made it. We drove around Myrtle and showed her a few of the sights. She was exausted so we went to our 5th wheel home and got her settled in. It was off to bed in no time.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Another day in Paradise

Today was just another day in Paradise.

We started out today by going to the flea market. There is always a bargain at the Myrtle Beach flea market. We spent the better part of the day looking from booth to booth.

After the flea Market we decided to stop at Dairy Queen for an ice cream.

It was too hot to sit outside so we went inside to eat our cones. George enjoying his cone.
We left Dairy Queen and drove down Ocean blvd.

We found the new board walk along the ocean, but the day was just too hot to go and walk it. We were already tired from walking the flea market. We will go back and check it out one day soon. I could see it from Ocean Blvd and it looked beautiful, can't wait to go walk it. It is brand new this summer. It opened on June 2010. So we are quite excited to go see it. It has restaurants, gift shops and even live entertainment.

The thing I love the most about Myrtle Beach is that there is so much to do here. Some of the things George and I will do while we are here are.....

Miniature Golf. They have the most beautiful courses here in Myrtle Beach. We always enjoy golfing at them.

Then we want to go to the Myrtle Beach airport and take a helicopter ride. I'm sure the pictures we will get will be phenomenal.

When we are done the sight seeing we surely will have worked up an appetite.

I want to head over to one of my favourite restaurants in Myrtle Beach. The Giant Crab. We went to this restaurant for dinner on our wedding day, and on our Anniversary every year after. This will be the first year we won't be here on our Anniversary. Oh well we'll celebrate it early this year.

You will find everything on this buffet from delicious seafood to Fresh steamed Crab legs to prime rib and turkey freshly carved right in front of you.

Ummmm I'm getting hungry just thinking about it...
There is so much more to do here than what I have mentioned on this post. If you ever come to Myrtle Beach and can't find something to do....then something is wrong.